Dumezil and the Media

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I’ve been wondering recently whether a modification isn’t required in my understanding of Georges Dumezil and his definitive analysis of Indo-European mythology, specifically of political sovereignty which has two poles, the king and the jurist. For whilst I have tended to accept the Deleuzian proposition that says that science has supplanted religion as the juridicial pole, as the pole of legitimation, and whilst the king even in our liberal parliamentary democracies has remained fundamentally unchanged as the despotic pole, as power. Clearly the structure has remained unchanged but I’m wondering whether in the light of the work I am doing in relation to the spectacle, to the mass media whether I shouldn’t be arguing that the media, the spectacle itself has not recently supplanted both science and religion to become the jurist-media, the acknowledged legislator, the creator of pacts which the ‘king’ is beholden to… the jurist-media, the jurist-spectacle…


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