post-information society

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What might post-information be? The phrase Information Society is generally equivalent to Network Society and is founded on the concept that we exist in a society that is driven by the exchange of information rather than by industrial production or agricultural production. I think that it is necessary to avoid the social and economic relations to the spectacle, to fetishism because I rather doubt that the Hegelian line of thought will really help here. Over the past six to twelve months there have been many comments about the possibility of developing a more balanced economy. A socio-economy that is deliberately less biased towards information and the large networks (aka finance and flows of objects) with a renewed emphasis towards the physical production of entities. In a sense we have known for approximately forty years that it is necessary to redirect our societies towards socio-economic sustainability and critically towards localism from networks and that these changes necessitate a change to a more balanced economy. In the last twelve months however the comments are originating from the political classes, though not yet from the havens of the transnationals and multinationals.

But still it is clearly more than this, for what is happening here is a deep paradigm change as significant as the change from industrial society to information\network society, significant enough to suggest that it will take decades and perhaps longer to construct a post-information\network paradigm. What Alvin Toffler after identifying the third wave of information and network would have called a fourth or fifth wave. Where even if the balanced economy fails, it’s already known that information will follow the networks to be distributed across the the global economy. Landing in China, India, Europe and perhaps even Africa, and perhaps even in the USA if they demilitarize. (If they don’t demilitarize they’ll be left with God and rusty aircraft carriers.

What then might a post-information\post-network society be structured like ? - its a society and state in which information and networks are reduced on the plane of the economy to everything else,

Difference and Equivalence and indifference and equality

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