After the end of the world -the Next Day(17)

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The boy-microcomputer assemblage looked more like a metro indian now than he had a few days before. His microcomputer was suspended from a chain hanging from a shoulder belt. He was drinking a glass of carbonated water outside of an Italian cafe. Earlier he’d watched diesel enginned buses begin leaving the garages to resume running along their routes. Looking at the road, and the market stalls that people had made out of the remains of the raided supermarket vegetable and grocery departments, and said conversationally to the cop who was standing quietly next to the waitress he loved.
“I suppose things will will return to normal in a few days, and the idiots will be driving their cars down here in a few days…”
“Well won’t you be playing that thing again won’t you ?” Gesturing at the computer.
He closed his eyes and thought about the plains.

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