After the End of the World (13)

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The radio went off. She turned away from the sink and pushed a few buttons with her soap sudded hands to try and get the Erik Satie back. It didn’t. She scowled at the dead radio and dried her hands assuming that the either the fuses had blown or that there was a power cut. She tried the lights. And noticed that the fridge-freezer had stopped its eternal huuuuummmm. She was about to go down in the celler when in a heart stopping moment of intuition she looked out of the kitchen window, to see Sophie run across the lawn and stop dead with an expression between flicking between shock terror and amazement.
She ran outside.

“What is….” She never finished the sentence and never knew what she would have said next.

The M25 was silent for the first time in fifteen years. Her daughter looked up at her. They walked down the street. At the end of which they could look down towards the stalled motorway. Her ears hurt in the silence. On the bridge three men were standing talking quietly as they looked down on the road below. Others milled about, reluctant to leave their cars, their gardens, their places of work.

“Waht happened ?” Somebody, perhaps it was her, asked.

One of the men inhaled deeply on the smoke and said. “Electro magnetic pulse. I think. Nice.”

Sophie threw a stone a dead car.

The man said “hey…” stopped and then laughed. “That I guess is the end of that Krondratieff wave. It’s nice here.” Looking around.

“Especially today.” She said leaning over the parapet and looking down on the motorway watching people deciding to leave their cars…

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