science as most successful collective project

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Nick said “most successful collective project we’ve created” and after a little extra thought, surely this is hyperbole of the same nature as the statement that the human brain is a very complex organism, more complex than a rabbits. And surely given that the scientific-industrial revolution has now brought us close to absolute disaster, examples such as climate change, nuclear warfare, liberal economics, the ongoing mass-extinction spring to mind but also here are some counter claims…

For example - the first industrial revolution - neolithic farming. The invention of the state. The invention of writing and later of printing…


A War

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Virilio cautions us to keep in mind that “the speed of light does not merely transform the world. It becomes the world. Globalisation is the speed of light. And it is nothing else!” . Timing is indeed everything.


Animal revolt.

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For scientists this is what constitutes proof of planning ahead. No wonder we are in such trouble.

Love the Chimp…. though.


Andy Miah - Human Futures

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This book is a collection of texts and images on human futures. Ranging across the spectrum of post-humanisn into the inhuman.

Can you judge ideas and concepts from the delivery mechanism ? Andy Miah better hope not because if you can then not a single idea in the book is worth anything. This is the worse designed book for the delivery of ideas I’ve come across for decades. Terrible fonts, pale text on pale background, yelloe on black, meaningless images… design designed to non-deliver the concepts.

Whilst I was struggling to read this book, it occured to me that the cheapest most infantile popular paperback delivers it’s ideas better than this expensive unlovely book.

The grey cloth boards are nice though.

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