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t’s always the same. A taxi to the airport, checking in through the computer checkin, a slight frisson of concern that the system might be down. It never is but still… Then after a quick review of the papers a weak cappuccino, pain au chocolat and the boredom of waiting for the flight…. I surf waiting, read the Guardian on the latest moments of the economic crisis.

The media is speaking now of the recovery of the market, “is this really the end of capitalism…” the presumption being that neo-liberal free-market orientated thinking and policies are equivalent to capitalism. It is extraordinarily peculiar that journalists, the commentariat, continue to confuse capital and neo-liberalism. Perhaps it really is a lack of history, the writing of the moment that causes them to make such foolish statements. The fear of thinking about the actual situation is shown by their inability to ask Darling any interesting questions this morning and Wilby’s attempt at humor in the Guardian today framed by his thinking that the left (for which read liberal newspaper columnists) have failed to capitalise on the crisis. As if the paradigm shift from one liberal socio-economic discourse to another liberal socio-economic discourse is a crisis of capitalism. A crisis would surely be 1968 or to put some perspective on it the social and economic crisis of the medieval period was 1381 and the wonderful peasants revolt. This is not a crisis but a necessary paradigm shift…. The US has now planned to invest greater than $700Bn in the financial bailout…

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