Adam Smith in Beijing

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Giovanni Arrighi’s long awaited Adam Smith in Beijing - lineages of the twenty-first century has finally arrived. I’ve been looking forward to this for some time, ever since reading with interest the essays in the New Left Review over the past few years…

Badiou - The concept of the model

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The Concept of the Model by Alain Badiou (edited and translated by Zachary Fraser and Tzuchien Tho)is available.

The Concept of Model is the first of Alain Badiou’s early books to be translated fully into English. With this publication English readers finally have access to a crucial work by one of the world’s greatest living philosophers. Written on the eve of the events of May 1968, The Concept of Model provides a solid mathematical basis for a rationalist materialism. Badiou’s concept of model distinguishes itself from both logical positivism and empiricism by introducing a new form of break into the hitherto implicated realms of science and ideology, and establishing a new way to understand their disjunctive relation. R This translation is accompanied by a stunning new interview with Badiou in which he elaborates on the connections between his early and most recent thought.

Purchase and enjoy.

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