Lacanian Ink 28 and 29

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I have been reading Lacanian Ink 28 and 29. Enjoyable but extraordinaily narcissistic in tone. It hadn’t occurred to me until I was reading 29 that the intonation of the lacanians, the style of writing hadn’t changed in decades. ("I am tired of the gossip routine. The fabrication of nice people in nice stories with nice events….” I read from a lacanian in 1983 somehow I foolishly imagine that over two decades a style should change and develop but it hasn’t…) The lacanian tone and style remains frozen in aspic. The issues are full of the archetypical writing that you’d expect from Badiou, Zizek and other fellow travellers of this line of thought, sadly there is nothing contained in the texts that extends current arguments, surprised and a little saddened by Badiou’s refusal of death being an aspect of the ontology, the text 35 propositions are as wonderfully meaningless as the ‘the formulas of the real’, Rex Butler & Scott Stephens agree with Nick that “Capital == Commerce….” (and consequently Capital is eternal, australians are such pessimists) and I can’t help but wonder why Zizek endlessly goes on about some God(s) or other when the logic is always bound to fail because of it’s non-existence, but then it seems obvious that in his heart he wants to commit ‘faith’, the relationship with a stalinist ‘materialist theology’ displaying the extent he wants to be a creationist. My favorite sentence however was Analia Hounie to Badiou: “But philosophy isn’t democratic: for a philosopher there is no equality of opinions and, even more, opinion is a different thing from truth, the proper theme of philosophy…” Really and why is it not democratic ?

The fascinating desire of the lacanian for stalinism, god, phallocentrism and elitism….


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