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`….From Boscovich to superstrings, the searchers for a unified theory of everything have focused upon finding the all-encompassing laws of nature to the exclusion of all else. At root, this prejudice has grown from an implicit subservience to the Platonic 1emphasis upon timeless universals as more important in the nature of things than the world of particulars that we observe and experience. …’ John D Barrow - P30 Theories of Everything Vintage London 1991

The Platonic version of the world as utilised within the State Sciences argues that it is perfectly possible to nor only represent and reproduce the world but that the representations actually exist. Thus in the mathematical arena - mathematical entities are taken to actually exist and in the science of Linguistics the language system is deemed to be `real’. It is assumed that the successful application of the science will show that it is part of the world yet transcends it.

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