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always like the notion of intertextuality, its the way it invites us, the reader to understand and interpret a text as a meeting of texts. In structuralist and formalist approaches to texts and reading this has been understood as source or quotation bound. But equally it can be understood as reintroducing history into structuralism and formalism,the texts that Duras and Burroughs read and which enabled The Sailor from Gibraltar and The Ticket that Exploded to exist, also introduce history into the experiments. Duras interest in revolution, Burroughs use of science fiction are useful materials for this method. But perhaps the delineating of the connections between the internals of a text and the externals demonstrate the extent to which both writer and reader are in process. Not for nothing do I mention those most carnivalesque and polyphonic of writers…


2010 a list

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After much thinking….here is sample list of a years work

Diary of an Escape Antonio Negri - 1985(2010/polity)
Imperialism: The highest Stage of capitalism - V.I.Lenin 1916(2010/Penguin)
Cosmopolitics 1 - Isabelle Stengers (2010/Minnesota)
The Fear of Barbarians - T.Todorov 2008(2010/Polity)
The Signature of All Things - Giorgio Agamben 2008(2009/Zone Books)
The Incredible Need to Believe - Julia Kristeva 2006(2009/Columbia)
Rescuing Justice and Equality - G.A.Cohen (2008/Harvard)
The Cybernetic Brain - Andrew Pickering (2010/Chicago)
Logic of Worlds - Badiou (2009/Continuum)
The sublime terror and human difference - Christine Battersby
delete - Viktor-Mayer-Schonberger (2009/Princton)
Dispatches form the Dark Side - Gareth Pierce (2010/Verso)

The Ranciere’s are obviously missing, the two or three Debord’s, some Mattelart and various books on Islamism and a couple of things by and on Marx…

A Sentimental Journey - Viktor Shklovsky 1923(1970/Cornell)
Night of the Golden Butterfly - Tariq Ali (Verso 2010)
Your Face Tomorrow - Javier Marias
Sunflower - Gyula Krudy
White Masks - Elias Khoury
Microtexts - Walser
The Notebook - Jose Saramago 2010/Verso
The Technician - Neil Asher 2010
Quantum Thief - Hannu Rajaniemi
Short Stories of Jane Bowles
Primeval and other times - Olga Tokarczuk… (2010/Twisted Spoon)
Walter Benjamin and Bertolt Brecht - Erdmunt Wizisla (2009/Libris)

Not much cinema this year… to be honest there isn’t that much that I really liked. And most of the texts on Deleuze don’t really seem worth mentioning. What else ? Some of the books that others liked I found deeply suspicious and tedious.

That’ll do I guess.


Agamben, Anna Kavan (irreparable)

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A passing theological moment… what will happen after the final universal judgement – will celestial bodies end ? Will animals and plants vanish into memory ? The difficulty that these questions pose themselves against is that it assumes the world was ordered to fit the dignity and habitation of humans, can it then exist after the humans leave for their transcendence. How can nature exist ? To this Anna Kavan wandering across europe really allows for a single response because you’ll remain “a stranger still” as you approach the “bright green field” having left the asylum after suffering a “scarcity of love”. The car driving across the ice, the heavy gun in his pocket. The girls, the drugs, the small bare rooms in which you can hear the birds singing in the trees. All this is marked by the fact of its being irreparable, its this which is written into Kavan’s world, her writing which engraves into things. Irreparable means those things that are consigned without remedy to their being thus, that they are precisely and only their thus (nothing is more foreign to Kavan than the pretense of being other than what one is); but irreparable also means that for them there is literally no shelter possible, that in their being thus they are absolutely exposed, absolutely abandoned. (rewritten Agamben from Irreparable p39 of the coming community)



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On Jupiter the skies are always blue,
from palest blue to deepest darkest hue


future models

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A model of the future. So then what might an achievable image of the future look like ? After to many years of SF and terrifying utopian novels. Only Tarkvovski’s Solaris and these paragraphs from Peter Handke get even close…

Part of it was that the rivers and their characteristic surroundings were increasingly shaping everyday life, were gradually permeating it almost to the exclusion of everything else. In the market stalls you could still see all the varieties of salt-water fish laid out. But the point was that these were laid out, dead or half-dead, whereas the freshwater fish cavorted in glass tanks nearby; even if there were not quite as many varieties; each individual exemplar was almost a species unto itself, and not only because it was palpably alive, leaping about amid the throng of other fishes. For many years out of style, they were now increasingly prized, purchased, and prepared according to old recipes, and even more according to new ones, were a component of the daily regional culture (regional having become no less important than national).
Similarly the old orchards and the other vegetable gardens or fields or terraces along both rivers, which had been long left fallow, now, wherever they had not been turned into building sites, were experiencing a second spring-summer-fall. The varieties once planted there were being supplemented and enriched by imported varieties or varieties moving on there own into an area as a result of the abrupt warming of the climate all over the continent. Of course exotic fruits, as well as olives wine grapes, pistachios, and such, continued to be imported into the north-western region. But in the meantime it had become customary-this to part of the new way of living – that once locally grown crops had been sold, used up, consumed, no substitutes were flown in from another hemisphere. No more fresh cherries or blueberries from Chile in the winter. No more early fall apples from New Zealand, in the spring. No more Cepes from South Africa with lamb at Eastertime. And in her two river city, the ripening of the local fruits, rather than being accelerated was actually held back… courtesy of Handke

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