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To safeguard the earth or respect the weather, the wind and rain, we would have to think toward the long term and because we don’t live out in the weather, we’ve unlearned how to think in accordance with its rhythms and its scope. Concerned with maintaining his position, the politician makes plans that rarely go beyond the next election, the administrator reigns over the next fiscal budgetary year, and news goes out on a daily and weekly basis, As for contemporary science, its born in journal articles that almost never go back more than ten years; even if work on the paleoclimate recapitulates tens of millennia, it goes back less than three decades itself.


The Present (Spectacle 6)

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It begins in my lifetime with Debord “The whole life of those societies in which modern conditions of production prevails presents itself as an immense accumulation of spectacles. All that once was directly lived has become mere representation.” For us though concerned as I am with the implications of the spectacle/media it is extended beyond the media as Debord knew it. From the mass-media to social-media and beyond are the #spectacle. The media which is objectified and reified has only one intention which it inherits from its relationships with capital. This is the sole real tendency of the spectacle, not to increase the circulation of knowledge and information but rather to grow. All must become visible, transparent and exchangeable with nothing that cannot be represented. In the media the contemporary dislike of negation begins from this point because the spectacle cannot be refused from any other point. The media universe no longer has an outside and this is why it has no ability to question itself, we can say that it is a world of people and of a consciousness that is in the process of abolishing itself. What does this mean in an era when we mostly see the complete triumph of the spectacle? It is obvious that the spectacle is language (Agamben), it is the very heart and soul, the semiosis and linguistic being of humans.The integrated spectacle is not to be understood as simply concerned with the image or even just extended to the word as language and semiosis but far beyond this into what we would understand as information (Kristeva) and beyond this into philosophy with its own imaginary (image as much as … Le Doeuff).


Spectacle (5)

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The ferocious deterritorialisations of capital, the installation of media networks of a previously unheard of destiny, and the promotion of international law and its references to humanity all conspire in the effective (and not simply theoretical or methodological) dismantling of our system of political referents. This is the passing of the dominance of the state-form and all the determinations that we know so well – sovereignty, borders and territory, concepts of citizenship and such familiar nonsenses as a ‘people’.


Orange and Grand Marnier Pancakes

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Orange and Grand Marnier Pancakes for @Sysparatem

8 French Pancakes


2 egg Yolks
50 g Castor Sugar
20 g Cornflower
20 g Flour
Grated rind of 1 large Orange
300 ml Milk
2 drops Vanilla essence
2 Tablespoons of Grand Marnier (Cointreau works as well)
2 egg whites
Icing sugar

Make the french pancakes and keep them warm wrap or cover in foil.

To make the custard: mix together the egg yolks, the castor sugar both the flours and the grated orange rind in the bottom of a saucepan. When well blended pour on the milk and put over a gentle heat. Stir constantly and bring the mixture to the boil, It will go alarmingly lumpy but will eventually become thick and smooth.
Draw it off the heat and add the vanilla essence and the Grand Marnier. Allow it to cool until warm rather than hot.
Whisk the egg white until still but not dry and fold it into the now warm custard.
Fill each pancake with a spoonful of this mixture, fold them loosely and put them onto a flameproof serving dish. Sift over them with icing sugar fairly heavily.
Heat the grill until hot and put the pancakes under it until the sugar bubbles into toffee.
When bubbling and half browned serve the pancakes.

To gild the lily and to travel into complete excess pour a little Grand Marnier round the pancakes and set them alight.. youcould also shorten your life a little more by serving with cream.


#noology , ideology (1)

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…there is thus an image of thought spanning all thought, which is the special object of a #noology, and which is like the State-form developed in thought. And this image has two heads corrosponding to the two poles of soveriegnty: the imperium of true thing (le penser-vrai) operating by magical capture, seizure or binding, constituting the efficacity of a foundation (fondation) (mythos); a republic of free spirits proceeding by pact or contract, constituting a legislative and juridical organization, carrying the sanction of a ground (fondement) (logos)…. #Deleuze and #Guattari (#Massumi Translation)

Particularly nice because it is not located solely within the indo-european but also extends out into the other structures. Hence what is described functions as well for China and the contemporary dreams of the Islamists… #Noology #Ideology

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